P3 Hub East

P3 Bulletin is hosting its second annual P3 Hub East in capital city Washington, DC. This year, the two-day conference will have a particular focus on the role of the federal government as the country awaits the outcome of a new transportation bill. 

With the industry battling to overcome the problems that arose from the recent mid-term elections, the event will focus on ensuring infrastructure development, and specifically P3s, feature prominently in the upcoming presidential election process.

The role of the federal government is vital to ensuring the growth of the market, but the industry must also play its part. As a result, this event will see a number of key figures giving their views on how this can best be achieved.

The conference will highlight the latest issues affecting the industry as we approach 2016 and will provide key information on what opportunities lie ahead in the New Year.

The afternoon of December 7 begins with 'speed dating with the public officials' on a series on roundtables, sponsored by HDR Strategic Consulting, which leads in to a networking drinks reception and dinner followed by a full day conference of December 8. 

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